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The Tad James Co. NLP training programs are designed to provide our graduates with the revolutionary knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary to effectively create long lasting and life-changing effects.

There are many NLP training sessions where the presenter looks magnificent. When you finish our training YOU will look and feel magnificent.

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As a student of Neuro Linguistic Programming    you will master with confidence the art of purposeful communication, and become an expert of persuasion. Experience more success and satisfaction in life, breakthroughs and more rewarding careers.

   *Some courses have prerequisite requirements.

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Before and after you take an NLP Training, you may need additional resources and assistance, so that you can accomplish everything you want in your life using the power of your own mind.


Discover how NLP training can help you to consistently put into action your drive and your motivation and how to reach your goals and objectives by learning the most current, and the most advanced, skills used in coaching.

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In NLP training, you will learn how to develop an action plan and how to put it into practical application so that you achieve exceptional results. To be successful this plan must define in a specific way your goals and objectives and must contain within the steps you need to take to get there.

Identify your obstacles and discover your personal strategies for overcoming them easily during the

Time Line Therapy™Happy NLP Guy segment of our NLP Trainings.

Discover how to focus your energy, remain motivated and

develop yourself to your maximum potential.

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Learn how to transform your life with Adriana and Tad James NLP Training Program     

The Tad James Co. is one of the most prestigious Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Training companies with more than 25 years of experience in delivering high standard, quality trainings and seminars worldwide. Through different levels of NLP Trainings and Happy NLP Girl Looking RightSeminars offered at different locations, and through a combination of visual, audio, and live training experiences, The Tad James Co. supports thousands of people to advance their careers in the competitive professional and  business world.

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All of our NLP products are available on Audio,  Video and in Books to support you in your development while learning NLP.  QUESTIONS?

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                                              *Multimedia presentation of the most current NLP Technology

                                              *Flexibility of learning regardless of your personal learning style

                                              *Learn from one of the Masters of NLP with years-long real-world experience -Dr. Tad James

                                               presenting together with Adriana James Ph.D. Both are Certified Master Trainers of NLP

Our NLP training graduates perform better in their careers, have better communication, (re)create happier relationships, and have more fulfilling lives with the skills they learn with our NLP training. Everyone discovers that they can have their dreams NOW because we offer them the tools to create their future the way they want it. Feel free to listen to the NLP audio clips, or to watch the video clips of our live NLP trainings and our products. Our offices worldwide are in Sydney, Australia and in Henderson, NV. Each year, we train hundreds of people like you in the art and science of NLP through live trainings, videos, audios and business trainings.

Time Line Therapy™, Creating Your Future™, and the Secret of Creating Your Future™ are registered trademarks of Tad James.

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