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CONNECTEDNESS: Each of the minds is connected to the other by means of life force energy, called, in the Hawaiian system, Mana. The fourth element in this equation:


As you look at the chart above, notice the connections:

There is a connection between the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind, and the flow of energy and information goes both ways.

There is also a connection between the Unconscious Mind and the Higher Conscious Mind, and information and energy flows both ways.

But there is no direct communication between the Conscious Mind and the Higher Conscious Mind. Even so, the Higher Conscious Mind may communicate with us by way of energy enveloping us "falling down" from above.

An ancient chant says:

"Li ta I'o o ka'auhelemoa la"

"I tremble; I have goose flesh; the I'o comes inside me because of the continuously falling fine rain."

The Ka'auhelemoa is well known in Hawaii -- it's that fine rain with small drops that blows off the mountains, and when it reaches you, you feel it, but when you touch your skin, it is not wet.

So, Mana is the means by which the three minds of mankind communicate with each other, but the Mana needs to flow through something. Imagine a piece of surgical tubing -- a little tube, about the size of piece of rope. The tubes are made of a non-material, etheric substance called Aka.

Aka: Shadow. Of spiritual essence.

So, Aka is the etheric substance, and it acts as a medium for transmission of the Mana. It's sticky, and so connects and stays connected to what ever we touch. The Aka cords look like small cords or ropes which are hollow in the middle, through which the Mana passes.

THE OUTER EXPRESSIONS: In our diagram above there are also three names that were used to signify the Outer Expression of the minds. When given external expression, the minds were given other names -- Ku, Lono, and Kane. In their external form, these three would be represented by a Tiki (wooden carving) since the ancient Hawaiians did not have paper as such to write on. The Tikis carved on the Island of Hawaii, District of Kona (Kona Temple Images) have the following characteristics:

KU: Represents the Unconscious Mind. Has a short headdress (meaning that the Unconscious Mind does not have a lot of imagination), with streamers reaching all the way down to the ground (meaning the Unconscious Mind has full contact with the physical, and the eyes are partially open (meaning the Unconscious Mind has some contact with the outer world).

LONO: Represents the Conscious Mind. Has a tall headdress (meaning the Conscious Mind has a lofty creative imagination) but there are no eyes (meaning that the Conscious Mind no contact with outside world).

KANE: Represents the Higher Conscious Mind. The Higher Self would be represented by an uncarved upright stone, since mankind cannot put form to the formless one.

What's interesting is that Ku, Lono, and Kane are also the names of three of the four major gods in the Hawaiian system. (More about the fourth in just a moment.) Why is this so? Why are the names of these major Hawaiian gods the same as the name of the three selves? The reason is one of the most important assumptions of the Huna magic system -- the Law of Correspondence, (as stated by the Kahuna Kapihe in Kona in 1850) which is "E iho ana o luna. E pii ana o lalo," which implies, "That which is above is like that which is below, and that which is below is like that which is above." Ultimately what this means is that, taken in total, you are no different from the universe. So if you are the same as the universe then the Higher Self, Kane, is the same as the creator, Kane. Lono, as the representation of the Conscious Mind is also the God of knowledge, intellect, and celebration (among other things). Ku, as the representation of the Unconscious Mind is also the god of the physical, the emotions, and interestingly enough, war and conflict.

KANALOA: Now, how about the fourth major god in the ancient Hawaiian system? Well as we already know the fourth major element in the equation of the make up of the human mind, is Mana, and the highest kind of Mana was called Mana-loa, so the fourth major god was called Kanaloa. He was the god of the Oceans (code word for Mana), and of healing, and he is called upon in the ancient chant, Pule Hee:

"E Kanaloa, ke akua o ka hee ... E ka hee o kai uli."

"Please listen oh Kanaloa, god of the healing light, god of change and healing ... By means of flowing from the source ... let the Mana flow."

Next, the 4 Bodies that we each have.

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